A New Journey Begins…

In Food For Thought on August 5, 2019 at 5:00 pm


Who would have thought I’d spend the Civic Holiday, or Natal Day here in Halifax, sitting in a classroom? I keep having to remind myself that it’s really happening – that I’ve started my MFA in Creative Nonfiction at King’s College University.

It’s incredibly beautiful in Halifax and while I’d love to be out sightseeing, instead I’m hitting the books with nose to the grindstone.

IMG_1906 Ok, there have been a few diversions – in my search for coffee yesterday, I discovered this quaint coffee shop called Lucky Penny – they even had some vegan desserts! A must visit if you’re in the area.

While I’m sure there will be loads of work ahead and long hours reading and writing – no doubt, there will be stories to tell along the way.

And hopefully for those readers sharing my journey, the writing will improve, too!


Every Day is Earth Day

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Blue sketch of city skyline by water at night

Do you remember the Toronto blackout back in August 2003? I’ll never forget the peace and quiet that evening.

The subway wasn’t working and my aunt walked all the way from downtown to our house. Fortunately, we have a gas stove so we were able to cook a light dinner and then gave her a lift to the TTC lot, north of us, where her car was parked.

While it’s rare these days to lose power for any length of time, not everyone is so lucky. Is there one thing you could do today to honour the earth and save a bit of energy, food or water? We forget sometimes that these things are crucial to our survival – so it’s a great day to remind ourselves that there is no endless supply of clean air or water.


Roses are Red…

In In the Garden on February 14, 2019 at 3:37 pm

IMG_1469Happy Valentine’s Day!


After 20 plus years of marriage, my husband still manages to surprise me.

I certainly was not expecting to see this beautiful arrangement – so artistic, so modern and different.

The flowers are skillfully displayed in a clear acrylic keepsake box complete with lid! The practical me appreciates the fact that I can re-use this “vase” and the fool-proof second layer has pre-drilled holes so you know exactly where to place your flowers! I can’t wait to try and create new floral arrangements with this look.

Love the “diamond” centres in each rose. IMG_1467

Kudos to Gatto Flowers for the creative inspiration and gorgeous presentation.