An Easter to Remember

In Animal Kingdom on April 21, 2014 at 5:20 pm

LucianEaster2It was a gorgeous day this Easter Monday, perfectly warm and sunny, as little Lucian ventured outside in the garden for the first time. He scampered cautiously over the flagstone paths and what’s left of the grass after a long, cold winter — initially curious but all the time enjoying the fragrant air and sun on his fur.

All was well and good before he got tangled in the boxwood surrounding the parterre and panicked. Within a flash of his Houdini-like contortions, he was almost out of his harness, and filled with fear in those ensuing moments the entire family struggled to unhook him. If Gaetan hadn’t managed to scoop him up, who knows what might have become of him.

Later once he was brought inside, he needed to lie down – almost like a dog, laying on his side panting heavily and heart racing from the excitement. Luckily, he soon managed to calm down and was safe and sound after his rather exciting Easter adventure.



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