Here’s a Real Eye Opener

In Natural Beauty, Recently Reviewed on June 11, 2014 at 2:50 pm

eyelinerThere’s eyeliner and then there’s liquid eyeliner. Yes, this old standard certainly has staying power – real staying power – that’s the one of the reasons for its enduring popularity: It stays on! After all, who wants their eyeliner to melt away before the day is over?           

Zuzu Luxe Liquid Eyeliner If you’ve never used liquid before, you need a steady hand to master the technique, which can vary from the thinnest of fine lines to the most dramatic cat’s eye look. Raven is Zuzu’s blackest of blacks, which is what I’m looking for when I buy black eyeliner. PRODUCT NOTES This eyeliner is mineral based, vegan, paraben and gluten-free – although who would have thought eyeliner would contain gluten? The brush can be a bit globby despite a fine tip that allows for both minimalist and maximum impact styles. Give it a shake and wipe down the tip quite a bit before applying or you may get more liner than you bargained for. Also, it’s not the fastest drying so if you’re rushing you might get a few unexpected smudges. BOTTOM LINE It’s not cheap, at about $18, but well within the price of similar products. Compared to other liquid eyeliners, it’s easy to remove with water-based makeup removers and it doesn’t leave those black under-eye circles – certainly a bonus. You could use oil-based makeup removers, as they are more efficient in dissolving makeup, but I tend to avoid them as they irritate my eyes.

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