New Deer in Town

In Animal Kingdom on January 31, 2017 at 3:44 pm

image-1Last weekend while visiting Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, my husband happened to meet this sweet deer. If you’ve never been there before, the resort town is something of a cross between old Quebec city and Disneyworld – complete with live animals. In fact, the deer are about as prevalent there as raccoons are in Toronto. And they’re just about as bold, too, especially if they think you have something for them to eat. Be forewarned that you need to be extra cautious when driving – as they don’t always look both ways before crossing!

Surprisingly, the deer seemed to have no fear of people and simply walked right up to my husband. It even allowed itself to be petted on the head – shockingly tame for a so-called wild animal! When the deer discovered there was no food to be had, it was a quick hello and goodbye. Then off it went into the woods from where it came. image

While  I’m grateful there’s no hunting allowed in the area, I do worry about the health and safety of these lovely creatures interacting with all types of tourists. Take care, little deer.


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