Give a Dog a Bone

In Animal Kingdom, Ivy (Dog) Approved on May 19, 2018 at 5:06 pm

Even non-dog people know that a teething puppy needs to chew. Better to find something more appealing than your antique mahogany chairs or Italian leather loafers! So imagine how thrilled we were when our new puppy received this super-tough toy as a welcome gift from good friends and fellow dog owners.

DuraforceBOnePET PARENT NOTES Ranked nine on DuraForce‘s Dura-Scale, this toy claims to be “extremely strong and durable,” which is essential for a busy girl with jaws of destruction. So far, we’re happy to report it shows little signs of wear even a month after lots of chewing. Although it claims to have a squeaker sewn in, it has remained silent from the beginning and has scarcely made a sound… Once summer is here, we’ll test the floating capacity in Ivy’s wading pool.


IVY APPROVED As you can see in this classic “mine” pose when presented with this bone, Ivy claimed it right away.  At night, it can often be found in her crate as she likes to keep it within paws reach.

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