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An Earthly Paradise

In Animal Kingdom, In the Garden on April 24, 2013 at 11:20 am

The garden bursting back to like. Can’t wait to get my hands dirty with all the work that awaits!

The last couple of days were spent working in our earthly paradise. No, we don’t own a cottage, but enjoy working in our own backyard. Over the years we’ve transformed it from an overgrown selection of weeds to a gorgeous garden that we love to spend time in – and we’re not the only ones.

As soon as I ventured out, it seemed the birds were waiting for me. As I went about preparing the birdbaths and feeders for the first time of the season, I could hear the excitement in the air through the chirping and different songs of those awaiting my efforts. One robin even hopped into the large birdbath to inspect the soapy residue before I had a chance to rinse it out in his impatient anticipation of cool waters.

Once the baths and feeders were all cleaned and filled it was a riot in the wisteria as sparrows and cardinals jockeyed for position. It’s always a joy to watch these incredible creatures. As my husband and I looked upwards to the sunny skies, we saw another familiar figure. Circling above our heads, riding the wind currents or stalking prey, was one of the neighbourhood hawks. That we’ve had the opportunity to see these majestic birds in this busy city close up when they’ve landed on our roof or perched in nearby trees simply amazes me – so equally beautiful and terrifying they are in physique and plumage – a sobering and foreboding reminder on this beautiful afternoon.