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An Empty Space

In Animal Kingdom, Food For Thought on November 19, 2015 at 11:05 am

An ordinary trip to the pet store the other evening yielded some unusual results. As we went to pick up our hay, we noticed several empty shelves. Finding the manager at the cash desk, we asked what had happened to their stock. Turns out their suppliers were all out of hay… a result of recent droughts and poor crop yields it would seem.

Actually, this was no surprise to us. We had encountered a similar problem recently at our vet’s office, where we normally purchase our organic hay, and had been disappointed by substandard hay that our bunnies refused to eat.

Could this be a mere blip in time or sign of what is to come? Water rations, forest fires, drought – the effects of global warming are well underway. We forget how much we need clean air and water. It’s time we stopped taking nature for granted. We are all connected. Hay shortages today, what’s next, tomorrow?