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Time Warp

In Food For Thought on August 14, 2018 at 1:11 pm

After the long weekend, my watch broke down. Not sure if the battery went or the mechanism died but it was a cheap watch and deemed not worth fixing.

Turns out none of my spare watches were working either… dead battery or some other unknown issue. So here I had to face the week without a timepiece. At first, it seemed awkward – I’d catch myself looking at my naked wrist with no watch to keep time. For someone who prides themselves on being prompt – I felt lost. As the days passed, it was strangely liberating… I was freed from the prison of time.

For those modern types, who are always tethered to a phone or computer, there’s a clear and prominently featured record of the time marking your every minute or second depending upon the chosen display. My need to know the correct time was easily filled by these ever-present digital reminders.

clockfaceIn a throwback to a civilized age, I must confess that I had already made it a habit not to wear a watch at all. Mind you, this was only the case on weekends and other social occasions, where one doesn’t want to be rudely glancing at the time throughout the day. In fact, I find it’s quite a luxury to be able to simply have the freedom to enjoy passing the time. Try it sometime and break free. Liberate yourself and leave the schedule behind. At this rate, I may never get another watch. Ah, to be a lady of leisure…

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