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Relief in a Wrap

In Body Fantastic, Recently Reviewed on February 13, 2017 at 2:03 pm

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Been shovelling much? With all the recent snowfall, my back went out of whack… it was a lot of snow after all! Not one to take pain killers, I came across these heatwraps some time ago and in sharing my snow shock with others discovered that many people still don’t know about them. Well friends, suffer in silence no more!

Heatwraps with ThermaCare by Robax. Consider it a form-fitting hot water bottle or imagine a toasty, electric blanket on your back (or neck if you get the other style). PRODUCT NOTES The wraps come in individual packs, which makes them easy to transport and store as you never know when a simple bend, twist or lift can suddenly cause one of your body parts to flare up. Only open the package when you’re ready to put it on or you won’t enjoy the full 16 hours or so of relief. Yes, they really stay warm for that long! BOTTOM LINE Put pain on notice. Once you’ve test-driven these tried-and-true back aids you’ll always want to have a package on reserve to pull out just as those first few snowflakes start to fall. Get the jump on spring and stock up early before the cleaning season starts. Now gotta get back out to the shovelling…

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Benefits of Bee Pollen

In Good Eats, Recently Reviewed on April 5, 2013 at 12:18 pm

pollenRecently I read an article in Vitality Magazine that highlighted the benefits of using bee pollen. After being plagued for years by a variety of allergies such as dust and mould as well as seasonal hay fever, I have also developed mild asthma–making breathing easy an ongoing concern. My body’s reactions to allergens fluctuates in severity from year to year, so anything that reduces my dependence on antihistamines and allows me to enjoy the great outdoors without tissues in hand would be welcomed.

Canadian Bee Pollen Gold for Allergy. If you’re looking for guidelines be warned! The only instructions read, “start with a small dose and increase gradually…” Luckily the article suggested starting with about half a teaspoon and work up to a full one. Apparently bee pollen is best consumed with fruit, so I’ve been sprinkling it on my morning cereal, which I top with fresh or dried fruit. PRODUCT NOTES The pollen looks like tiny yellow stones. They’re somewhat granular to chewy in texture and not really tasty eaten on their own. If you didn’t know it came from bees you’d be hard-pressed to make the connection, as it doesn’t taste like honey at all.  BOTTOM LINE While I haven’t noticed any dramatic change, the height of allergy season has yet to arrive so I’ll continue my research into spring and see how I feel when the garden explodes to life. A word of warning though, some people could have severe reactions to bee pollen.