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Tenten Turns Ten

In Animal Kingdom on October 26, 2018 at 11:45 am

It’s hard to believe that our Tenten just turned 10. Our gorgeous girl shows no signs of slowing down…especially when she’s chowing down. There are just too many good things to eat. And if you’re a Mini Rex, like our beautiful show bunny – you love your food!

For those of us who choose to eat organic for various reasons – I’m a firm believer that the same principles ring true for animals. Particularly for this tiny little bunny, who is only a fraction of our size, it matters more than ever. And just as grocery stores are full of food items devoid of any nutritional value, some pet foods are similarly packed with GMOs, food colouring and preservatives.


That said, our velvet-bodied bundle of joy has been healthy, happy and full of attitude these many years. Albeit, this has included being entirely catered to, spoiled and beloved (we are her mere human servants after all).

Thanks to companies like Oxbow for offering organic Meadow Hay and Pellets, which provide the bulk of her endless buffet. Plus, a carrot a day (mini carrots, of course) and a few other goodies round out her ongoing meals. It’s a life of continuous eating but if you’re a bunny, you’d have it no other way – something’s got to wear down those teeth!

Some of Tenny’s favourite foods include banana (fresh and dried) – I know what you’re thinking: who would have thought that bunnies would love fruit? Believe me, just mention the B-word and they go bananas! They can hear you break the peel.

And, throughout spring and summer when the garden is in full swing, this little piggy enjoys fresh tarragon and dandelions by the handful. When beets are in season, we look for bunches with the best greens so we can dry them and then cut them into their hay. Yes, we’ve been blessed this last decade and look forward to many more years of good living – and more importantly to Tenten – good eating! May the smorgasbord go on and on my sweet love…