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Follow the White Rabbit?

In Animal Kingdom, Food For Thought on March 30, 2016 at 3:15 pm

Late! Are you late? For a very important date? Running here, running there…yet never getting anywhere?


Enough of that madness…it’s time to escape from the rabbit hole! As tempting as it may seem, now that Easter has passed, there’s no need to chase that bunny. While the cold of winter’s last gasps may have you wanting to curl up in your cave and continue the hibernation…spring is already here.

You might not feel up to spring cleaning or power washing the terrace (particularly if it’s still covered in snow or ice) but it’s a great time to get organized. Start with one small task at a time: sort your seeds, plan your garden planters, check out some clips on proper pruning.

And there’s always the paperwork…finish the taxes, shred some old files, clear out computer files (shed or basement, too). The time has come to leave the den behind, dust off the winter cobwebs and emerge face first in the sunshine.