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Fight Signs of Aging

In Natural Beauty, Recently Reviewed on November 13, 2014 at 10:07 am

Looking for a natural, non-invasive way to look younger? Phytogenics has introduced a new anti-aging cream aptly named Phyt-Age, and claims it works as well as Botox but without the toxic injections. While there’s no shortage of anti-aging creams on the market promising to turn back the hands of time, few of them offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t see results in 30 days. In fact, Phytogenics is so confident you’ll love their Phyt-Age cream, they even challenge you to take a simple 15-minute test to see the difference. Then, if you’re impressed with what it can do in that short time, imagine the results with ongoing use. (I certainly won’t be returning my sample!)

According to Phytogenics, the reality is our skin shows signs of aging and becomes susceptible to sagging, wrinkles and injury due to various factors such as decreased skin thickness and dehydration. But Phyt-Age cream has been specifically formulated, with a combination of seven naturally occurring ingredients such as argan oil, topical vitamin C (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate) and hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate), to target these causes and restore skin to a healthier and younger-looking state. These ingredients contain bio-molecules designed to give you optimal anti-aging results by stimulating collagen production and brightening skin tone. For those individuals who wish to avoid certain preservatives and are highly sensitive or allergic to fragrance and perfumes, take note – this rich cream has no fragrance, and is paraben-free.

Known for its secrecy, the beauty industry has a history of closely guarding product formulations and limits many ingredient lists in the fine print – if you can find them at all without a special request. So it’s refreshing to see Phyt-Age is clearly labeled, and even details information and research about the efficacy of the active ingredients it contains on the Phytogenics website. They even welcome customer feedback and have posted numerous testimonials. For more information on Phyt-Age visit http://phytogenicinc.com/

Plant This Seedy Cereal on Your Breakfast Table

In Good Eats, Recently Reviewed on July 9, 2013 at 1:02 pm

We’re big cereal eaters in our home and have come to enjoy many of the organic and non-GMO varieties that Nature’s Path makes. And anytime we see something new and organic at Costco, we’re quick to snap it up, as it’s often less expensive than at the health food store.

Qu’i Superfood – Chia, Buckwheat & Hemp cereal in Cranberry Vanilla by Nature’s Path  $15.49, Costcoqi'a

Hemp and chia seeds have already made their way into our home, as we continue to discover their many uses, so we were eager to see how this cereal measured up. PRODUCT NOTES As soon as you open the bag, a wonderful waft of vanilla greets your nose. The cereal itself is just as flavourful but you have to wait and let the seeds soak unless you want to crack a tooth.  BOTTOM LINE My picky teenager absolutely loves it mixed with almond yogurt while I like to use it as a cereal topping since the recommended amount seems a tad skimpy to me for a proper breakfast on it’s own. But if you’re looking for quick convenience and are the type who rushes each morning in a mad dash to get out the door, you might find this cereal a bit hard to chew.

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This Cookie Crumbles – And Melts in Your Mouth

In Good Eats, Recently Reviewed on June 25, 2013 at 12:08 pm

There was an article from across the pond about a study on genetically modified (GM) foods that included horrifying photos of rats that got cancer tumors as a result. Not sure why we never saw the story over here but it only served to reaffirmed my resolve to continue avoiding these items and to encourage other people I care about to do the same.

But for those people who haven’t quite embraced a lifestyle that includes organic products, here’s an easy switch. Now I’m not an advocate for eating cookies every day, as easy as it would be to do but I have to admit my weakness for shortbread and other biscuits alike.

walkersWalkers Organic Shortbread Fingers While this certainly isn’t a vegan or gluten-free snack, for those of us who occasionally indulge in a buttery treat, this traditional shortbread cookie is definitely splurge-worthy. They would also make a great gift. PRODUCT NOTES There’s little chance you would guess you were eating an organic biscuit if you didn’t see the packaging. These fingers are so like the original famous variety (perhaps even better), I challenge anyone to try serving them up for tea as I doubt anyone would even notice the difference. BOTTOM LINE With products this good, it’s easy to see how little steps can add up to bigger ones. Even your most skeptical guest will find these most palatable.

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Bees Lotion Stings

In Natural Beauty on June 19, 2013 at 10:27 am

Now that the warmer weather is finally here, it’s time to get ready for summer. Mind you, in Toronto it’s been hot and humid one week then cold and rainy the next, but that’s the Canadian climate for you. So not a day goes by when I don’t wear sunscreen on my face – it’s not really an optional choice as I burn really easily.            

Burt’s Bees Radiance Day Lotion 

burtsThe combination of a day lotion with sunscreen always appeals to me, as who wants to put yet another product on? PRODUCT NOTES This light lotion has almost no scent and absorbs quickly without any greasy feeling. It also comes in a pump bottle, which is really convenient. But I find it stings my skin a little going on even though there’s no alcohol in it. Luckily it quickly passes and leaves no redness. BOTTOM LINE An SPF15 is considered low by my standards, as I like to have maximum sun protection on my face. With that in mind, I’ll keep looking for something with more SPF and less irritation.

Veggie Ground to Keep Around

In Good Eats, Recently Reviewed on June 18, 2013 at 10:32 am

I’ve finally found an organic ground beef substitute! When I stumbled upon this non-GMO-verified version from Sol Cuisine, I couldn’t wait to try it in my usual recipes such pasta sauces, stir fry’s and Sheppard’s Pie.

Sol Cuisine Organic Veggie Crumbles, $4.99, Loblaws . vegground

We eat a lot of soy products, so I try to find organic ones wherever possible since I discovered that soy is one of the most genetically modified (GMO) foods out there. This ground is also vegan and gluten free. PRODUCT NOTES Looks and tastes as good, if not better, as the other veggie grounds we’ve used in the past. My family devoured the spaghetti sauce I made. Not even a speck of it was leftover for lunches the next day. BOTTOM LINE Lately, I haven’t been able to find this product in my regular supermarket although I noticed they do carry other Sol Cuisine products. I’ll have to shop around, as it’s too good to pass up. More importantly, we don’t want the GMOs that you get in regular soy products or other foods for that matter.

Do You Like Waffles?

In Good Eats, Recently Reviewed on May 7, 2013 at 9:10 am


Yes, I like waffles – so the Parry Gripp song goes. If you’re lucky enough to have time on your hands and a waffle maker to boot, then you probably make waffles all the time. My brother-in-law has it down to a fine art so when he and my sister visit, we try to be as welcoming in our hospitality but it’s hard to do without said appliance. Add to the mix the fact that my niece has a peanut allergy and you can see why I was quick to jump on these nut free Belgian waffles.

 El Peto Belgian Waffles Loblaws $5.29

They look exactly like the fancy versions you get in restaurants and match the texture. I whipped up a lovely fruit compote to top them off and have to say they were quite tasty. PRODUCT NOTES Not too sweet – but in my mind, this is a good thing. Although they are not vegan they are gluten free, wheat free and trans fat free for those looking to avoid a slew of other ingredients. BOTTOM LINE For those occasions when I don’t have time to bake, I’m always on the lookout for good nut free products. So this is definitely a good one to grab when you’re pressed for time as you simply heat and eat!

Deodorant Debate

In Natural Beauty, Recently Reviewed on April 12, 2013 at 10:32 am

tomsWe first discovered Tom’s line of products a few years ago when my daughter, then a tween, was at that difficult stage when deodorant becomes a necessity. Frankly, I’d never given these products much thought before but my husband, we discovered, is pro-deodorant and anti-antiperspirant. Who knew? So the search began for natural products that actually work. And recently when I ran out of the antiperspirant I had used for many years I thought, why not try something new?

Tom’s of Maine Naturally Dry antiperspirant deodorant  The natural powder scent reminded me of the baby powder scent my former faithful had, and I was attracted by the allure of “clinically proven” and “naturally dry.” Here’s a classic case where I should of read the actual ingredient list instead of just the highlighted “petroleum free” and “no artificial preservatives” lines. Then I would have seen it contains aluminum chlorohydrate. PRODUCT NOTES Feels a bit sticky going on. Except during those night sweats (another topic all together), I’m not one to perspire a great deal. That said, no noticeable difference was found using this product versus my former chemical-laden one.  BOTTOM LINE Just when I thought I was doing myself a favour by using a natural product, I realize it wasn’t entirely the case and I paid a premium to do so. Next time, I’ll go for their aluminum-free product.       

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