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Follow the White Rabbit?

In Animal Kingdom, Food For Thought on March 30, 2016 at 3:15 pm

Late! Are you late? For a very important date? Running here, running there…yet never getting anywhere?


Enough of that madness…it’s time to escape from the rabbit hole! As tempting as it may seem, now that Easter has passed, there’s no need to chase that bunny. While the cold of winter’s last gasps may have you wanting to curl up in your cave and continue the hibernation…spring is already here.

You might not feel up to spring cleaning or power washing the terrace (particularly if it’s still covered in snow or ice) but it’s a great time to get organized. Start with one small task at a time: sort your seeds, plan your garden planters, check out some clips on proper pruning.

And there’s always the paperwork…finish the taxes, shred some old files, clear out computer files (shed or basement, too). The time has come to leave the den behind, dust off the winter cobwebs and emerge face first in the sunshine.

An Empty Space

In Animal Kingdom, Food For Thought on November 19, 2015 at 11:05 am

An ordinary trip to the pet store the other evening yielded some unusual results. As we went to pick up our hay, we noticed several empty shelves. Finding the manager at the cash desk, we asked what had happened to their stock. Turns out their suppliers were all out of hay… a result of recent droughts and poor crop yields it would seem.

Actually, this was no surprise to us. We had encountered a similar problem recently at our vet’s office, where we normally purchase our organic hay, and had been disappointed by substandard hay that our bunnies refused to eat.

Could this be a mere blip in time or sign of what is to come? Water rations, forest fires, drought – the effects of global warming are well underway. We forget how much we need clean air and water. It’s time we stopped taking nature for granted. We are all connected. Hay shortages today, what’s next, tomorrow?


A different perspective…

In Animal Kingdom, Food For Thought on July 9, 2015 at 9:50 pm

lucianfootFor Lucian, it’s no big deal if you put your foot in your mouth. In fact, it’s just another day in the life of a rabbit. No regrets, no worries.

Our lives could be so straightforward and uncomplicated…if we would only take a moment to embrace a different perspective on things, we’d see issues in a whole new light!

Just Enjoying a Bit of Sunshine…

In Animal Kingdom on June 17, 2014 at 10:30 am



Not a care in the world or making tracks before the storm?

There’s a big storm warning in the Toronto area for later this afternoon. My husband, Gaetan (the amazing wildlife photographer — see earlier photograph of robins on this blog), captured this great shot in Markham, Ontario early this morning of a large group of snails in morning dew, warming themselves in the sunshine.

Interestingly, the snails appeared to be making their way to full coverage in the taller grasses. Let’s hope they make it before nightfall!

Spring has Finally Sprung!

In Animal Kingdom on May 23, 2014 at 10:05 am

Spring has Finally Sprung!

Once again, the wings of one of our gargoyle lanterns have welcomed and provided shelter to a new family of robins who have made their nest there this spring. What appears to be a tiny nest in which only one adult robin can fit — is actually home to four baby chicks!

They certainly are a hungry bunch — mom and dad work day and night delivering fresh worms to their growing babies.

An Easter to Remember

In Animal Kingdom on April 21, 2014 at 5:20 pm

LucianEaster2It was a gorgeous day this Easter Monday, perfectly warm and sunny, as little Lucian ventured outside in the garden for the first time. He scampered cautiously over the flagstone paths and what’s left of the grass after a long, cold winter — initially curious but all the time enjoying the fragrant air and sun on his fur.

All was well and good before he got tangled in the boxwood surrounding the parterre and panicked. Within a flash of his Houdini-like contortions, he was almost out of his harness, and filled with fear in those ensuing moments the entire family struggled to unhook him. If Gaetan hadn’t managed to scoop him up, who knows what might have become of him.

Later once he was brought inside, he needed to lie down – almost like a dog, laying on his side panting heavily and heart racing from the excitement. Luckily, he soon managed to calm down and was safe and sound after his rather exciting Easter adventure.



Bunnies Make Everything Better

In Animal Kingdom on September 20, 2013 at 4:05 pm
Garden Bunny enjoys a quiet moment under the Solomon's Seal.

Garden Bunny seen enjoying a quiet moment under the Solomon’s Seal.

We have a saying in our house: Bunnies make everything better. Luckily for us we have two beautiful pet dwarf rabbits to call our own plus we’re blessed with the occasional visits from our current Garden Bunny (and his relatives).

Having a bad day? Go talk to the bunnies. Feeling worried or sad? Nothing a moment with the bunnies won’t cure. They certainly are great listeners and bring joy to any and all who spend time with them.

An Earthly Paradise

In Animal Kingdom, In the Garden on April 24, 2013 at 11:20 am

The garden bursting back to like. Can’t wait to get my hands dirty with all the work that awaits!

The last couple of days were spent working in our earthly paradise. No, we don’t own a cottage, but enjoy working in our own backyard. Over the years we’ve transformed it from an overgrown selection of weeds to a gorgeous garden that we love to spend time in – and we’re not the only ones.

As soon as I ventured out, it seemed the birds were waiting for me. As I went about preparing the birdbaths and feeders for the first time of the season, I could hear the excitement in the air through the chirping and different songs of those awaiting my efforts. One robin even hopped into the large birdbath to inspect the soapy residue before I had a chance to rinse it out in his impatient anticipation of cool waters.

Once the baths and feeders were all cleaned and filled it was a riot in the wisteria as sparrows and cardinals jockeyed for position. It’s always a joy to watch these incredible creatures. As my husband and I looked upwards to the sunny skies, we saw another familiar figure. Circling above our heads, riding the wind currents or stalking prey, was one of the neighbourhood hawks. That we’ve had the opportunity to see these majestic birds in this busy city close up when they’ve landed on our roof or perched in nearby trees simply amazes me – so equally beautiful and terrifying they are in physique and plumage – a sobering and foreboding reminder on this beautiful afternoon.